5 Minute Binary Options

Short term trading has been revolutionized by binary options. With five minute binary options, there is a lot of potential to make money in a very short period of time. Because the trade is only open for five minutes, your capital is freed up very quickly, allowing you to reinvest that money in the options market once again after just a few minutes. With this monetary freedom, the potential to make money is extremely high. Five minute binary options are growing in popularity and the only faster binary options are the 60 second options.

Brokers That Sell 5 Minute Options – Where To Trade Five Minute Options

Banc de Binary offers five minute options with a return rate of up to 70 percent. 24 Option also offers short term trades, but they are not necessarily five minute options. You can wait until five minutes before a position becomes off limits and create your own five minute trade with 24 Option, but the same asset can be traded as a 15 minute option as well, giving traders a bit more leeway with their strategies.

  • 24Option – jump in with only 5 minutes remaining in their 15 minute options to trade 5 minute options at this top notch broker
  • Banc De Binary – 5 minute options as well as 60 second options make this a top choice for a broker with the fastest trades online

5 Minute Binary Options Trading Strategy

The first thing to remember is that going against the trend with five minute options is dangerous. So if an asset is dropping in value, trade it as a put option. If it’s going up, it is a call option. Trends at this level only last 10 to 15 minutes at times, making it extremely important that you have a real time chart program. Technical analysis is your friend here. You will want to make sure that you have a clear cut idea of what technical indicators will serve you best. Trend lines superimposed on your price chart are a simple yet very effective indicator.

Who should trade 5 minute options?

You need to be careful with five minute binary options. While they are a great resource for creating money, there is also a lot of potential to lose money. Because these trades move so fast, you can lose money just as fast. Prior experience in day trading can help combat this issue. But if you are new to trading binary options, you can still make money with these short term trades after you gain a bit of experience.

Five minute options are a great opportunity to make a 70 percent return on your trading capital in a very short period of time. The benefits of this type of trade can be outweighed by the negatives if you are not familiar with day trading strategies and techniques.

While five minute binary options are easier to trade than straight stocks or currencies, there is still a large element of risk associated with them. It’s best to stay away from this type of trading if you are new to the trading world. If you are experienced with forex trading you will enjoy trading forex pair binary options.

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